A Prayer for the Choir

At CPC, there is a whole group of people who are in worship (and in robes) almost as the pastors…

The choir!

Singing on the steps before the Palm Sunday Processional

Singing on the steps before the Palm Sunday Processional

This group of talented individuals meets every Wednesday at 7:30pm (in case you would like to join!) to rehearse for Sunday worship.  They have a devotion to worship that puts them right in the front of everyone else, but sing in a team that gives them comfort and camaraderie.

Let’s pray for the choir!

Lord of the dance, you inspire us with song and we often find our way to you through music; so thank you Lord, for the choir. Thank you for all the time they dedicate to the church, the gifts that they bring to worship, and their excitement for you, Lord!  We thank you that you have called all of these people to come and sing to you.  We know it’s not always easy for each choir member to stand up and sing in front of the church, so we ask that you help us support the choir, and that the choir supports each other.  Lord you are present in our choir- open our ears that we may hear!  Amen.

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Prayer for Lana

Let me tell you (in case you don’t already know) about another awesome staff person.

Lana Ferren: Church member / Financial Administrator Extraordinaire!

Pictured here with husband, Eric.

Pictured here with husband, Eric.

Lana is a woman behind the scenes, she doesn’t run around talking about the all things she does for CPC, but I assure you the list is long.

Not only has she has been God’s gift to the Administrative & Personnel committee (for all kinds of reasons), but she also helps with LOGOS, Advent by Candlelight, and is a Sunday School teacher— just to name a few things.

Let’s pray for Lana!

Great God, thank you so much for Lana.  Thank you for her finance skills, her diligence and attention to detail, and her great faith. Thank you also for giving her extra patience when Lauren asks her for the billionth time to explain basic spreadsheets.  Thank you for giving the special gift of grace to Lana.  Thank you for her laugh, for her joy in serving you, for her openness to the Holy Spirit, and for the love that she shows to her family (both her family at home and her church family!).  We are so glad that Lana is here, and so we pray that we are a good family to her.  May we be the support to her that she is to us: help us to be as patient and kind and good at explaining things as she is… Thank you Lord, for calling Lana to serve, and for sending her to CPC.  Amen.

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Prayers for the PNC

In the annual report video, Pastor Dave mentioned that we should all be intentionally praying for the PNC (Pastor Nominating Committee).  It was actually that thought that spawned this crazy idea to pray for all the missions/staff of CPC during Lent.

So especially today (but really every day), the PNC gets our special prayers.


God of inspiration: Look at this beautiful group of people.  We thank you today for each and every one of them:  Stan, Lisa, Jack, Dan, Paul, Courteney, Kaki, and Barb.  Thank you a million times for making the call to serve on the PNC so loud that they just couldn’t say no!  As they continue their work, bless them with unity, discernment (the ultimate PNC buzz word), wisdom, laughter, patience, laughter again, and camaraderie.  Lord, remind them that Jesus is with them.  Remind them that you will pick the right person, and so will they–because you are dwelling in them with the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Remind them that whomever they pick, our congregation will trust their judgment and be excited with them about a new head pastor.  God, BLESS OUR PNC.  Thanks God!  You’re the best.  Amen. 

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Prayer for Stephen Ministers

At CPC we are blessed to have a strong group of Stephen Ministers.

Stephen Ministry Illustrator

These devoted individuals go through hours of training and continuing education so that they can minister to our church family.  If you have every felt yourself in need of someone to talk to, in need of a companion, or in need of a confidant– Stephen Ministers are here for you.

Let’s pray today for our Stephen Ministers!

God of love we thank you for the Stephen Ministry program here at CPC.  Your compassion and companionship are shown within the hearts and actions of these devoted servants, and we are grateful for the guidance and gentleness they share with us.  We pray for their leaders: for Gregg, Barb, and Carol.  As they plan continuing education classes give them inspiration and excitement to share with the other Stephen Ministers.  We pray for each minister: for their partnerships and ministry, and for their own emotions and self care.  Lord be with each of these ministers and let them know they are doing your work, a holy and special work here at CPC.  Let them know that they are planting seeds of care, and sowing the love of God in their relationships.  May we as a congregation support this group and their needs, and inspire us to seek a Stephen Minister when we are in need.  Lord, be with us all on our journeys of faith and life.  Amen.

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Prayer for Emma

I’m sure many of you have heard Emma, even if you don’t know her well.

Emma Gingold is our accompanist and assists our Music Director, Lee McGinty.  Emma is a faithful helper and wonderfully talented part of the CPC family.  So let’s pray for Emma!

Loving God, we thank you today for Emma.  Thank you for her talent and hard work, for her quiet presence and gentle smile. Lord as we hear Emma play, we can hear a little piece of you.  We pray today that Emma continues to feel at home at CPC, that she knows she is loved and appreciated here, and that we can always worship together.  Amen.

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Sunday Prayer

If you count the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, you will count 46, not 40.

‘Are you sure Lauren?’

Yes.  I’m sure.

That’s because, Sundays are not counted in Lent.  There is a tradition that every Sunday is in some way a reminder of Easter Sunday (hence the meeting on Sunday), and so Sundays in Lent are both a part of it, and subtracted from it.

Confusing, I know.

All of that is to say that I’m going to pray for 40 different ministries and staff people of CPC, and Sundays  I will have something that is kind of a little break- but still a prayer.

Today, I invite you to use your finger to trace over this Labyrinth and use the time to pray for someone you love.   Enjoy!

large1 jp

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Prayer for PADS

For almost 30 years we’ve have hosted PADS at CPC.

P- Public

A- Action (to)

D- Deliver

S- Shelter.

PADS runs every Saturday night at CPC from October through April, and it takes many hands to keep this operation going. While the location of PADS is always here at CPC, our congregation ‘hosts’ (cooks, cleans, staffs) only on the second Saturday of the month.  Other churches from the Clarendon Hills and Hinsdale area fill in the other Saturday nights, and many other locations provide shelter on the other nights of the week.  You should also know that CPC is a family site, and often, a site like ours is hard to come by in the homeless shelter world.  Many of our guests are young families.

dupage pads

So especially during this cold month, let’s pray for PADS.

Merciful God, you call on us to show mercy and compassion to people in need, and almost 30 years ago the session of CPC heard that call and responded.  We ask today that you keep that call alive in our hearts- for as long as there is a need Lord, may we open our doors.  Challenge us, God, to try and end homelessness with preventative measures, so that we no longer have guests coming each Saturday: women, men, children, babies, grandmothers… we love them Lord, but guide us to action that helps get them permanent housing.  

We thank you for the many volunteers who help to run PADS each week.  From the workers of the larger organization in DuPage County, to the first time student who helps cook dinner.  For the laundry washers and the high school students who read to the children, to the breakfast crew and the people who stay awake into the wee hours of the morning.  Lord today we especially thank you for Mike Brenk, our site coordinator.  He brings organization and efficiency to the program. Please give him energy for when he fills in for a volunteer, and give him names of people to help. Thank you God, for Mike.

Lord, may each volunteer know how much we appreciate them for their service, may each guest know that they are welcome in this space and that we are praying for them, and may we all together work for a better vision of your kingdom. Amen. 

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