Happy Easter!

Christ has risen!

Christ has risen!

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Prayer for Dave B.

Do you Dave Butts?  Cause he’s awesome.

Dave is our tech guy at church.  But “tech guy” doesn’t even really cover it… He is CPC’s Tech Guru.  He fixes all our computers, has the common server set up, and answers all mundane computer questions with grace and patience.

Fun fact about Dave Butts apart from his technical prowess:  He has spent time at the South Pole!

But that is for another time… let’s pray!

Dave working on the Virginia Caravan

Dave working on the Virginia Caravan

Loving God, thank you for Dave Butts! He does so much for CPC and we are so thankful for him! You have blessed Dave with many gifts: his technology gifts, his handy man gifts, and his ability to translate those skills to people who don’t understand any tech or handy stuff.  Thank you for his commitment to our congregation… and today we celebrate his commitment to you Lord.  Dave is an amazing disciple of Jesus Christ. Continue to bless him in this way so that he grows in his faith journey, no matter where the journey may take him.  Thank you God for Dave!  Amen.

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Prayer for Ushers and Greeters

Today the Ushers and Greeters of CPC get a shout out!  These folks are my “YES” people on Sunday mornings.

They always say YES when I throw out demands like “Oh will you hand out this article to people too?” or “oh and can you light 18 extra candles today?”

The ushers and greeters are a huge help not only to me, but to our whole congregation.  They are the first person who welcomes new visitors, who offers a hand shake to someone who has been alone all week, and the first person to say “We are so happy to see you this morning!”

So let’s pray for our ushers and greeters.


God of Love, thank you for everyone who volunteers to be an usher or greeter at CPC!  They are the ‘front-line’ of our church, but really they are your face at our doors! We pray that your spirit continues to fill them with hospitality and grace as they meet people at the door each week. Give them words of comfort and welcome, and the ability to know which words each person needs to hear as they come in to our church.  God call new members of our congregation to help the ushers and greeters as they need it.  Lord be with this ministry at CPC!  Amen.

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Prayer for Preschool Teachers and Child Care Center Staff

A long time, amazing, wonderful ministry of CPC is the Preschool and Child Care Center.  These two institutions reach out into our community in ways the pastors cannot, they serve children who have no where else to go after school, and they begin to make church a safe and comfortable and exciting place for families to be.

child.care_.12.2-300x225 preschool

Let’s pray for all the people who make it happen!

God of love you are ever present in your children.  We love hearing the laughter of children at CPC, so we are thankful for all of the students who grace us with their curiosity and playfulness.  We thank you especially for all the people who welcome these children each and every day: Kathy Cantlon (Director of Preschool), Laura Knysch, Barb Smiles, Janice Muncie, Paula Marrero, Pam Wu, Claudia Gabel, Laima Rupinskas (Director of Child Care Center), Theresa Maradei, Debora Judycki, and Pat Vachlon.  All of these wonderful people serve you in many ways, but today we are thankful for their work in the Preschool and Child Care Center.  Lord bless these teachers with creativity, patience, energy, stain-free-clothing, and the call to keep serving you in this way!  Help our congregation to support them when they need it, and to be excited with them for the work you are doing at our church!  Amen.

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Prayer for Lauren

I asked Lauren if I (Deb Helms) could guest write her blog today because no Lenten prayer a day for CPC staff and programs would be complete without a prayer for her!

It has been possible for Lauren to knowledgably write all of these prayers for Lent because she is so much a part of all the wonderful things that go on here at CPC. She leads worship, staffs adult education, is my partner for many youth activities, is an enthusiastic all-dressed-for-the-weekly-theme table parent for LOGOS, teaches our Thursday morning class, puts together special things like our Lenten devotion booklet, and even sings with the choir on occasion! There’s more, but the important part is the prayer.

So, let’s pray for Lauren!


Generous and loving God, thank you for leading Lauren to CPC. I personally thank you for sending Lauren to CPC to get my weird jokes and to give me someone with whom to have loud convoluted conversations where we sometimes interrupt each other but always get to an important point. Lauren’s gifts of enthusiasm, wisdom, compassion, and energy are helping us to grow and learn in worship and in service. We thank you for her sense of humor and her confidence that make her approachable for all ages. We want to listen to her because we know that she loves us…but even more important, she loves You. Help Lauren find time and space to be creative at church, but also help her find time to be present as a mother, wife, daughter and friend. And especially give her time and space to renew herself as a person, something that we all know is so difficult yet so important in life. Continue to bless her with gifts for ministry, that she may be your hands, feet, and voice in a world hungry for your presence and love. Amen.

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Prayer for the Garden

By far one of the most unique things that CPC does is the vegetable garden in my back yard.

This HUGE garden produces literal TONS of veggies for the food pantry in the People’s Resource Center (PRC) in Westmont.  The PRC is so happy to get fresh, organic vegetables to hand out to their clients.

IMG_1987 IMG_1992 IMG_1995

Especially since it’s almost planting season, let’s pray for the CPC Garden!

God of the bountiful harvest: we pause in prayer to think of all your children who are hungry.  Lord inspire us in new ways to help feed people.  Also God we come to you with thanksgiving for the land that you have turned into a beautiful garden with the work of many hands. We ask that you help us to continue this ministry so that more people may be fed.  God we are especially thankful for Paul Bronsteader who is the garden king.  Lord make his dedication and excitement contagious to other helpers: because the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few!  Call us out of our houses and into the yard to help Paul and serve you!  All this we ask through the grace of Jesus Christ.  Amen!

PS-  God remind people that it is ALWAYS a good time working in the garden.  :)

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Prayer for Cathy

When things get crazy at the church (like this week), people often say ‘Oh you must be so busy and stressed as a pastor during Holy Week!’

But I assure you:  NO ONE IS MORE BUSY THAN CATHY STAHR.  So if you are in the office this week, pause and really take a moment to tell her she is amazing at all the things she does for CPC.

And then let her get back to work!

Without further ado, let’s pray for Cathy!

Cathy in a much prettier place than the CPC office...

Cathy in a much prettier place than the CPC office…

Great and gracious God, THANK YOU for your gracious gift of Cathy.  Lord in this busy Holy Week we ask that you draw near to Cathy.  You know her better than anyone else, so be with her in a way that gives her energy and peace and patience.  We do our best to support her, God, but this week we are calling on you!  We also pray with thanksgiving for all Cathy’s gifts.  Thank you for her pastoral presence, for her ability to know and remember EVERYTHING, for her humor, for her care of the staff, for her guidance and gentle leadership (read: she reminds me to do things when I totally forget- what would I do without her!?), for her editing eye, and for all the other things she does for our church each and every day.  Lord without Cathy we would fall apart in five minutes.  She is a key part of your ministry here, so thank you for sending her to us… and for keeping her here even when we drive her crazy!  Lord help us to help Cathy, not only in Holy Week, but each day she comes to CPC.  And God, bless Cathy.  Bless her ALL. DAY. LONG.  Thanks God!  Amen.

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